X Rebirth set to hit PC later this year

XRebirth Announcement screenshot

Egosoft is set to expand the X Universe later this year with X Rebirth. Scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter for the PC, Rebirth will introduce a new duo who are out to make their riches in a battered ship amidst a dangerous galaxy filled with new threats and old enemies.

X Rebirth represents a spectacular new beginning for the X series, offering new and seasoned players a limitless, vivid, and extremely detailed universe to explore throughout the game.  Players enjoy powerful, action-packed space combat.  Trans-universe space travel is never tedious or slow moving because X Rebirth offers high-speed space exploration with fast travel controlled by each player.  X Rebirth features a whole new user experience because it is easier than ever to start with, and remains as deep as fans expect it.

Official Site: XRebirth.com

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