Depths of Peril gets lower price, new beta patch

Depths of Peril screenshot

Soldak is shaking things up in the Depths of Peril world with a new beta patch and price. Along with the beta 1.016 patch, which includes “some major graphics changes” in addition to over a dozen other tweaks (vendor exploit fixed, new advanced shadow options, safer saving, etc.), players can now get in on the action for a reduced price of $14.99.

Patch 1.1016 Changes:
– fixed a vendor exploit
– updated copyright
– fixed a couple dialog typos
– fixed turning off XP numbers option (Castruccio)
– changed to a perspective view (can turn off in graphics options)
– added advanced shadows option
– now UI centers when in widescreen (no longer stretches)
– fixed Gabardine spelling
– changed Dorr to Thaden in a few places
– fixed a world map blink issue on first viewing
– handle failure when grabbing rendering context better now
– now saving is much safer
– player now auto collects nearby gold
– now can rebind alt and ctrl
– added SetClipboardText support to Mac
– added chest rewards to major boss rewards
– made war and raid agreements less exploitable

Official Site: – Depths of Peril Patch & – Depths of Peril Patch Changes

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