Arcana Heart 3 launches on PS Network

Arcana Heart 3, another 2D fighter from North America’s premiere publisher of eye-searing brawlers, has launched for the PlayStation 3 on the PS Network. Three new fighters join the roster, bringing the total up to 23, and a Simple Mode has been added to ease in newcomers and casual fighting fans. Other single-player modes include Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, and Training Mode. Online multiplayer is also supported, designed by BlazBlue developer Arc System Works, with online lobbies, ranked matches, and replays.

Chaos and disorder are threatening to rip apart the very fabric of Japanese society as planar rifts appear throughout the country. It is suspected that the Drexler Institute, the instigator of the Great War many years ago and creator of the Divine Celestial Weapon, is somehow involved.

In the midst of this confusion, a mysterious rumor arises, claiming the existence of wish-granting “Celestial Stones” within the chaotic planar rifts. As a result of these rumors, a number of individuals have converged on Japan in the hopes of obtaining one of these fabled stones – either to seal them away or to see for themselves if rumor is true. Each person has their own reasons for seeking these rare and valuable stones, and they won’t let anyone stand in their way, be they foe…or friend.

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