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Mars table launches for Pinball FX2

Pinball FX2 (360, PC) Mars Table - Screenshot 1.jpg

The Mars table that was announced earlier last week for Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 is now available to download. For 240 MS Points, players can explore the mysteries of Mars through the thoroughly scientific method of pinball.


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Depths of Peril gets lower price, new beta patch

Depths of Peril screenshot

Soldak is shaking things up in the Depths of Peril world with a new beta patch and price. Along with the beta 1.016 patch, which includes “some major graphics changes” in addition to over a dozen other tweaks (vendor exploit fixed, new advanced shadow options, safer saving, etc.), players can now get in on the action for a reduced price of $14.99.


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Moon Diver dated, priced for 360

Moondiver screenshot

Square Enix’s side-scrolling action title Moon Diver, released late last month on the PS Network, has been dated for the 360. Developed by feelplus inc. and created by Strider designer Koichi Yotsui, Moon Driver will launch on Live Arcade on May 4 for 1200 MS Points.


Xbox 360 News

Alice: Madness Returns to give original 360, PS3 owners access to original

Alice Madness Returns screenshot

Gamers eager to jump back into the world of American McGee’s Alice will be happy to hear that EA’s offering the original as a first-buy incentive. Gamers who grab a 360 or PS3 copy of Alice: Madness Returns next June will also receive a one-time-use Online Pass code that allows access to the original, American McGee’s Alice. Second-hand buyers will have to pay 800 MS Points/$9.99 to gain access via Alice: Madness Returns’ menu.


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Arcana Heart 3 launches on PS Network

Arcana Heart 3, another 2D fighter from North America’s premiere publisher of eye-searing brawlers, has launched for the PlayStation 3 on the PS Network. Three new fighters join the roster, bringing the total up to 23, and a Simple Mode has been added to ease in newcomers and casual fighting fans. Other single-player modes include Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, and Training Mode. Online multiplayer is also supported, designed by BlazBlue developer Arc System Works, with online lobbies, ranked matches, and replays.


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(PC Review) Total War: Shogun 2

Shogun 2 PC review header

It might not be quite as polished as a daimyo’s set of ancestral armor, but it can certainly hit the spot.


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