Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection available, with retail bonus

Another game is turning 20 this year, and another company is launching a new title in celebration. While Sega is going with Sonic Generations, Square Enix is going the enhanced re-release route with the recently released Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for the PSP.

In addition to the original game, The Complete Collection also includes the entire run of the episodic series The After Years as well as a brand new Interlude. Retail copies will also include two exclusive in-game item packs, which include a set of five collectible trading cards featuring character illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano and a download code for a special Knight of the Twin Moon cosume for Cecil Dark Knight/Paladin in Dissidia 012.

Critically acclaimed as one of the greatest games of all time with more than 4 million copies sold worldwide, Final Fantasy IV set the standard for role-playing games to come with its diverse cast of complex characters, a deep and engrossing plot, the introduction of the Active Time Battle system and numerous additional innovations. Twenty years later, Final Fantasy IV, its acclaimed sequel The After Years and the entirely new Interlude have come together in one package as the ultimate role-playing game experience with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. Whether re-experiencing a favorite or just discovering the game for the first time, new and old players alike will join in as a cast of unforgettable characters are drawn into one of the most beloved Final Fantasy stories, with stunning new graphics, a newly arranged award-winning soundtrack and bonus game features that provide the definitive Final Fantasy IV experience.

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