Official Site Launch – The Cursed Crusade

Itching for the latest info on Atlus’ upcoming co-op action-adventure title The Cursed Crusade?  The 360, PC, and PS3 release, set to hit store shelves and download outlets this summer, is a 13th-century brawler that pits a Templar and mercenary against a curse that threatens eternal damnation as the Fourth Crusade rages around them. The site offers some media, background info, and all the latest on Denz and Esteban.

Capturing the mood and spirit of the visceral action-adventure set at the turn of the 13th century, the website launches with an interactive “Launch The Crusade” section, inviting fans to click on flaming shields of content to learn about the environments, weapons, and characters. When all the flaming shields have been selected, The Templar’s Curse gauge will fill up, allowing viewers to activate the curse which will transform the page into a fiery, demonic view of the environment, unlocking a slew of new information. Also available is the Media section, providing screenshots, videos, concept art, wallpapers and banners.

Official Site:

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