BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ver. 1.03,Continuum Shift II for 3DS and PSP announced

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Aksys Games is injecting some new life into the BlazBlue universe with an update for the 360 and PS3 Continuum Shift as well as a PSP and 3DS release for the sequel, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. The update, a free download that will bring the original up to version 1.03, will launch in May along with the follow-up.

Some of v. 1.03’s stated improvements include increased performance for latency, bug fixes, simplified chat messages for Player Match rooms, an updated Ranked Match interface, improved matchmaking procedure, and the ability to purchase the Platinum the Trinity pack for $7.99/560 MS Points. But the biggest additions are the game balance update to bring it in line with the arcade version and Continuum Shift II as well as new Challenge Mode content for each character and a revised Tutorial Mode.

The sequel, which will arrive in stores on May 31, will include a host of single-player modes, such as Arcade, Story Attack, Training, and Story mode. The handheld version is also getting some exclusives, including Legion 1.5 and Abyss Mode, as well as extra story-related content. Multiplayer will also be supported via an ad-hoc Network mode, which will allow for up to four players to sit in a single session (two fighting, two watching). And all of that is in addition to an 18-character roster, which includes the cast of the original plus the three post-release DLC characters.

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