DanceDanceRevolution now availabe for 360, dance mat included, rhythm sold seperately

DanceDanceRevolution is now available for the 360. Released at a reduced price of $39.99 – with dance mat controller, mind you – the latest in the long-running rhythm series features two new gameplay modes, the ability to dance on-screen via the Live Vision camera, the Visual Jockey reward system that displays new graphics based on performance, and a new Challenge Level for veterans.

The new modes include Dance Off, where up to four players take turns dance battling it out, and the non-stop Club Mode where up to 20 tracks can be played back to back. And all of the cutting of rugs will be done to over 50 songs, including 20 licensed tracks from such acts as Paramore and Lady Gaga as well as 30 original tracks.

Official Site: – DanceDanceRevolution

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