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Might and Magic Clash of Heroes now available on Live Arcade, PS Network

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes made quite a splash on the DS in 2009, and now it’s back for another go on the 360 and PS3. The rerelease, featuring enhanced audio and visuals, is now available on Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points and the PS Network for $14.99.


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BlizzCon 2011 ticket info announced

Blizzard has announced that tickets for the sixth annual BlizzCon convention will go on sale in two batches, starting on Saturday, May 21. For those who don’t get in the first time around, the second batch will go on sale on Wednesday, May 25. Tickets are $175 and will be available at BlizzCon.com.



Disgaea 4 – Premium Edition details announced

Disgaea 4’s Premium Edition has been unveiled. Set to ship this September, the PE will include the game in a collectible box along with a full-color softcover art book, complete with character profiles and concept art, as well as an exclusive figurine of Fuka. (Yay! Desk decorations!)


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DanceDanceRevolution now availabe for 360, dance mat included, rhythm sold seperately

DanceDanceRevolution is now available for the 360. Released at a reduced price of $39.99 – with dance mat controller, mind you – the latest in the long-running rhythm series features two new gameplay modes, the ability to dance on-screen via the Live Vision camera, the Visual Jockey reward system that displays new graphics based on performance, and a new Challenge Level for veterans.


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Elements of War hits store shelves, closing in on download outlets

Kalypso Media’s latest real-time strategy title, Elements of War, is now available in retail and slated to hit download outlets on April 15. Set in the near future, players will be able to command both modern and futuristic weapons as they battle throughout 12 missions across 12 maps to save the United States. Three factions – the Ravens (U.S. military), EEB (European coalition), and Patriots (paramilitary) – battle it out for control of six weather-based weapons that have ravaged the globe.


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