PlayStation Plus subscribers getting cloud storage tomorrow

Sony is set to launch their online storage for game saves shortly with PlayStation Plus subscribers being the first to be able to back up their save data to the cloud on March 10.

Once update v3.60 is installed, the feature will be automatically enabled for PlayStation Plus subscribers, which will allow them to store up to 150MB of PS3 game save data and a maximum of 1,000 data files per PSN account. In addition to support for “Copy-prohibited save data,” all saved data will be restorable once every 24 hours. Most titles currently available will be compatible with online storage, and all titles moving forward will offer the option.

Users can check their available/total space at any time via the XMB (XrossMediaBar). Users who wish to utilize the feature immediately following the system software update (v3.60), can do so with these instructions:

To back-up:

1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility].

2. Focus on the save data you wish to back up.

3. Open up the option menu using “triangle” and select [Copy].

4. Select [Online Storage] as the destination of back up.

To copy:

1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility] > [Online Storage].

2. Focus on the save data you wish to copy.

3. Open up an option menu using “triangle” and select [Copy].

PlayStation Plus is available for a yearly fee of $49.99, and for a limited time, gamers will also receive 3 free bonus months when signing up for a one-year subscription. Gamers can also subscribe to the 3-month option for $17.99.

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