Din’s Curse: Demon War now available

Soldak’s spunky action-RPG Din’s Curse is getting its first expansion today with the release of Demon War. Din’s Curse was already bubbling over with single-player and co-op action for PC and Mac with 141 class combinations, an infinite number of dynamically generated towns, a unique focus on consequences, and a dynamic world. The expansion adds even more, including the Demon Hunter class, three new demon species and eight new types, new quests, more world modifiers, and most importantly, a raging demon war!

Newcomers looking to see what the fuss is about, and old veterans wanting to snag the expansion, can head to Soldak’s site for download and purchase links.

The demons of Aleria are furious! After the 4th Great War and necromancer Ciglio’s death, the undead horde has been causing utter chaos, attacking everything that moves… even demons. Demonkind were quite happy when Serina, a human city, was overrun, but that was before thousands of human zombies poured into Kraval, slaughtering the huge demon city. Thus began the Demon War. Demons of all kinds are fighting back. They’re hunting down and killing any undead they find. Oh, and they blame the humans for this entire mess. For spite, they razed Serina to the ground even though it was already deserted.

Official Site: Soldak.com – Din’s Curse

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