Infamous 2 release date, Hero Edition announced

Cole MacGrath’s adventures are set to continue this spring as Sony has announced that Infamous 2 will hit store shelves on June 7. Gamers will also have the option of purchasing a premium Hero Edition ($99.99) alongside the standard edition, which will include an 8.5″ statue of Cole, a replica of his messenger bag, a mini comic from DC Comics, and a collector’s edition soundtrack with bonus songs. In addition, the Hero Edition will also include all of the in-game preorder bonuses: the new Lightning Hook power, the Electrocution Grenade power, a Kessler character skin (the main villain in the original), and a 24K Gold Amp for use in melee.

The next chapter continues the saga of Cole MacGrath as he takes a dramatic journey down the coast to the Southern city of New Marais, where he faces a new, darker entity, known only as “The Beast.” Testing his will and super-power potential, Cole must fight his way through New Marais and find the answer before the problem finds its own solution. Throughout his journey Cole is once again faced with the choice to use his extraordinary abilities to save all of mankind or follow a more chaotic and destructive path. This time around, Cole’s karmic choices will directly affect the outcome of the story, providing for two vastly different endings and gameplay experiences. During this leg of his journey, Cole can once again fluidly and freely navigate the city, scaling nearly every surface with dynamic parkour moves. New Marais takes the open world genre to new heights and offers players a unique and evolving playground.

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