Painkiller – Redemption dated, demon blasting to commence shortly

Painkiller – Redemption, the latest expansion in the expanding Painkiller franchise, has been dated for a February 25 release. The seven- to ten-hour downloadable expansion will pit hero Daniel and nemesis Belial against an army of monstrous forces in an attempt to end the war between heaven and hell.

Both characters will be playable, and a new demon transformation will allow them to rip through the 6,000-plus enemies that populate the new maps. Each level is filled with up to a thousand enemies, and each will be sporting an improved AI as well as an insatiable desire to mangle anyone – or thing – in their way. As with the previous Painkiller releases, the only way past the enemy is through them. Now, then, where’d I put my stake gun…

Painkiller Redemption Screenshot

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