Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D release date announced

Konami is set to greet new Nintendo 3DS owners with a new Pro Evolution Soccer whenever the system launches on March 25 with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D. Taking advantage of the newfangled 3Dness, PES 2011 3D will have an in-field Player camera, which will allow for players to “see their teammates making runs in the channels and moving into space,” with the ability to quickly realize depth and distance allowing for “more instinctive long passes and dynamic movement.” Also featured are play-by-play commentary, team building for play in the UEFA Champions League, and 60 National and 170 club sides.

The 3DS’ Street Pass feature will also be taken advantage of, comparing the stats of nearby players’ teams and rewarding the victor with unlocked Classic players and teams.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D for 3DS

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