Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike DLC announced for PC and PS3

After launching just over a week ago on Live Marketplace, Call of Duty: Black Ops’ first DLC pack has been announced for the PC and PS3. First Strike, developed by Treyarch, will be released on March 3 for the PS3 while a PC release date will be announced soon.

First Strike includes five new maps, four for traditional multiplayer and one for Zombies. The maps for Black Ops proper include Berlin Wall, Stadium, Discovery, and Kowloon. While most of the map titles are self-explanatory, Discovery is set in an abandoned German outpost in the Antarctic. The Zombie map is Ascension, which “pits players against hoards of vicious, perk-stealing zombie monkeys, flesh-eating Soviet Zombies and more in a trap-filled, Cold War era cosmodrome” … wait, what? I did not see that coming.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike DLC PC, PS3

Official Site: – Black Ops

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