You Don’t Know Jack hits store shelves, Jack (awwww, bad joke)

After taking a few years off, Jack is back (rimshot, please!). The saucy quiz game-show-thing You Don’t Know Jack returns to gaming, courtesy of Jellyvision Games and THQ. Now available for the 360, DS, PC, PS3, and Wii, the series returns from its hiatus for more sarcasm-laced trivia. Designed as an actual game show, with commercial breaks, a bonus round, and an announcer, You Don’t Know Jack includes 73 ‘episodes’ with each including hundreds of questions (37 episodes for the DS version).

The console versions are available for $29.99 and the PC version for $19.99, and four DLC packs with 10 episodes each were also announced for a 360 and PS3 release this spring.

You Don't Know  Jack

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