Duke Nukem Forever to ship in 2011, on display at PAX

Duke Nukem Forever returns! 2K Games has announced that Gearbox has taken the development reins and is set to ship the fabled first-person shooter in 2011 on the 360, PC, and PS3. While it’s still a little ways off, Penny Arcade Expo attendees 17 years and older can try it themselves at the 2K’s booth, #3417.

Put on your sunglasses and prepare to step into the boots of Duke Nukem, whose legend has reached epic proportions in the years since his last adventure. The alien hordes are back and only Duke can save the world, again. Pig cops, alien shrink rays and enormous alien bosses won’t stop our hero from accomplishing his one and only goal: to save the world, save the babes and to be a bad-ass while doing it. The King of All Shooters is back with over-the-top weapons, massive aliens and unprecedented levels of interactivity. This game puts pedal to the metal and tongue firmly in cheek, among other places. Shoot hoops, lift weights, read adult magazines, draw crude messages on whiteboards or ogle one of the many beautiful women that populate Duke’s life; that is if you can pull yourself away long enough from kicking ass and taking names. Duke Nukem was and will forever be immortalized in gaming history, and this is his legend.

Official Site: DukeNukem.com

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