StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty sells over three million first month out

StarCraft II (PC) Three Million Sales Announcement - Header

Blizzard’s decade-in-the-making real-time strategy behemoth StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has sold over 3 million copies in its first month on the market. Day one sales surpassed one million copies while another 500,000+ were sold over the course of the subsequent 24 hours. According to Blizzard, StarCraft II is “the bestselling PC game of 2010 and the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time.”

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s 1998 hit StarCraft, which has been hailed by players and critics worldwide as one of the top real-time strategy games of all time. Sporting a vibrant 3D-graphics engine, StarCraft II once again centers on the clash between the protoss, terrans, and zerg, with each side deploying legions of veteran, upgraded, and new unit types. Unparalleled online play for StarCraft II is available through a new version of, Blizzard Entertainment’s world-renowned gaming service. has been redesigned from the ground up to be the premier online gaming destination for Blizzard gamers, with several enhancements and new features, such as voice communication, cloud file storage, leagues and ladders, achievements, stat-tracking, and more.

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