Scourge of War – Gettysburg gets Patch 1.10 and new demo

Norb Software has released the first official software patch for Scourge of War – Gettysburg. Patch 1.10 repairs a number of minor bugs, adds some new features, and provides for a number of tweaks.

Demo (with 1.10 patch):

Download patch:


–      A new map called Alpine. This map is four times the size of the previous maps and has some interesting and hilly terrain. An excellent map for multi-corps battles.

–      A number of improvements to the multiplayer experience.

–      Three changes on the Gettysburg maps to improve historical accuracy.

–      The addition of the first tutorial to the demo.

–      Improved courier system for sending and receiving orders.

–      Expanded modding capabilities.

–      Improved artillery accuracy and behavior.

–      Significantly improved game sounds.

–      Improved performance in the historical scenarios and in Sandbox games.

–      Additional improvements to enhance the ability of the AI to beat you like a drum.

–      In total, there are over 110 total new features and bug fixes for the game.

Official Site:

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