Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to hit 360, PS3 in time for Halloween

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the Mercury Steam and Kojima Productions collaboration for the 360 and PS3, has been officially dated for October 5.

As Gabriel Belmont, the newest addition to the Belmont clan, players must track down the mysterious Lords of Shadow in order to unite the pieces of the God Mask to purify the world so that the dead may rest. Along Gabriel’s journey gamers will traverse over 50 diverse and beautifully realized 3D stages, come up against over 45 enemies, and defeat huge adversaries in real time with skill, power and timing. In total, the game boasts over 40 possible combo attacks that can be added to Gabriel’s arsenal. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow offers a wide range of puzzles with larger adversaries that require a specific means to exploit weaknesses, or object-related puzzles that will open doors or give access to previously unreachable areas.

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