Dragon Age 2 dated

BioWare has announced that Dragon Age 2 will be hitting store shelves on March 8, 2011. The sequel will be a pretty significant shift from the original and its expansion pack. Changes include faster combat, a new art direction, and centralized story that eschews the multiple storyline approach of Origins to focus on one character’s rise to power.

A new trailer recently launched as well, which can be found here.

Dragon Age 2 thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a refugee who survives the destruction of his homeland and becomes the Champion of Kirkwall. The lore around Hawke’s rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor and is the driving force behind this all-new story spanning 10 years in the Dragon Age universe timeline. Players will uniquely experience how this legend unfolds by gathering the deadliest of allies, making tough moral choices, amassing fame and fortune, and sealing their place in history.

Official Site: DragonAge.com

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