Blizzard completes Scapegaming Lawsuit Quest, picks up $80 million reward

Blizzard sent word about the recent judgment against Scapegaming, a company charging players to access World of Warcraft on emulated servers. An August 10 ruling by the U.S. District Court stated that, in emulating servers, the company had ‘violated Blizzard’s rights in doing so.’

According to Blizzard, they need to “protect our games and safeguard our players’ experiences with them” and that “server emulators that use Blizzard’s IP facilitate piracy and offer unauthorized, inconsistent gaming experiences that can damage Blizzard’s reputation and goodwill.”

I think we can take Blizzard’s claim of taking IP protection seriously, considering that Scapegaming is now looking at over $80 million in damages.

From the judgement: ” Based on Plaintiff’s evidentiary submissions, the Court concludes that Plaintiff is entitled to default judgment in the amount of $3,052,339 in disgorged profits, $85,478,600 in statutory damages, and $63,600 in attorneys’ fees.” Yowch.

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