Gun Loco announced for 360

GUN LOCO, a new third-person action shooter from Square Enix, has been announced for the 360. Currently scheduled for release in 2011, the game is set to offer “single and multiplayer gameplay in a sprint-action shooter format.”

Set on a lawlessness prison planet on the outer reaches of the solar system, prisoners battle it out for survival and power. Players will jump in the mayhem as they battle it out in a run-and-gun shooter “through several seven climate zones and numerous stylized maps,” pursuing enemies, and being pursed by them, amidst ruins scattered throughout the zones. Up to 12 players will battle in multiplayer matches set across¬†several arenas and modes. Each character was created by designs based on designer and toy maker Kenny Wong to look like posable action figures, with each sporting a unique kill move and take-down taunt.

Official Site:

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