Genius announces MousePen M508 and MousePen M508W

Genius is expanding their line of digital tablets with the upcoming MousePen M508 and MousePen M508W. The new tablets, priced at $149 (M508) and $199 (M508W), are set to ship this September and the first to come from Genius with wireless capabilities.

The MousePen M508 and MousePen M508W both come with extensive multimedia functions that make creativity a breeze. Both tablets come combined with high resolution (4,000 LPI) to make these new multimedia tablets the ultimate canvas for serious designers. The MousePen M508 stands out for its unique creative touch-pad that scrolls, zooms in and out, and has brush control functions. The new 5” x 8” MousePen tablets include; Photoshop CS4 Extended for Windows, 13 programmable keys, four express keys, a wireless Bluetooth mouse and a cordless pen with 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and thickness control. The new MousePen tablets are compatible with Windows 7, PCs, and Macs.

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