Guitar Hero App gets three new track packs

The Guitar Hero App for iPhone and iPod touch has received three new three-track packs featuring Band of Horses, Coldplay, KISS, Motörhead, and Nada Surf.  The packs are currently available for purchase through the app’s in-game store.

Song Pack

– Band of Horses – “Laredo”

– Coldplay – “Life In Technicolor II”

– Nada Surf – “Weightless”

KISS Song Pack

– “Love Gun”

– “Lick It Up”

– “I Love It Loud”

Motörhead Song Pack

– “Iron Fist”

– “Ace Of Spades”

– “Overkill”

Guitar Hero for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $2.99 from the App Store at and features Queen, Rise Against, The Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, Weezer and The White Stripes.  Song packs are only available through the Guitar Hero app and cost $1.99 each.

Official Site:

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