Dungeons announced for PC

Kalypso Media has announced a new strategy/evil simulator for the PC simply titled Dungeons. As the Dungeon Lord, players will have to create dungeons to lure and trap heroes who enter to steal their treasure in order to siphon their energy. Currently in development by Realmforge, Dungeon is set for a Q1 2011 release.

Similar to Deception, Dungeon Keeper, and What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? Dungeon follows in the proud tradition of crushing hapless heroes under the heel of orc minions. Ten different hero classes will make their way the dungeons where 15 different monster types can be set upon them. There will be 20 campaign missions, a custom game option, three different underworld levels and bosses, and 50 different objects to use while creating a dungeon.

The reason all of this is happening? The Dungeon Lord’s ex-girlfriend orchestrated his downfall after a nasty split. The player has to help him reclaim his crown by defeating the three bosses above him – middle and middle-middle management, apparently – for the ultimate revenge. Goblin workers, prison cells, and torture chambers, the life of a Dungeon Lord is nasty business.

Official Site: KalypsoMedia.com

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