Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

POWER A’s Pro Pack Mini controller set ships for Wii

A new, smaller Wii remote is now available, courtesy of POWER A. The Pro Pack Mini includes both a MiniRemote and MiniChuck. The $49.99 set includes a remote that is 35 percent smaller than the original, Wii MotionPlus compatible, and …


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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock franchise debuts announced

“Activision has announced a slew of acts who will be making their Guitar Hero debut in the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The list of acts and tracks keeps growing, and Warriors of Rock is set to have the franchise’s largest set list to date.”


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Westinghouse Digital announces LD-2685 26″ All-In-One Gaming Display

“Westinghouse Digital has announced the latest addition to their LED line, the LD-2685. The 26” 1080p LED HDTV is being marketed towards space-conscious gamers as an ‘all-in-one, space-saving, HD television/gaming/computer display.'”