Phantasy Star Universe now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand

I was down with the flu when the original Phantasy Star Online was released for the Dreamcast, and I played it for nearly two weeks straight. The music still hypnotizes me. Ooo dooo … ahh, good times.

Time’s moved on, though, and now newcomers can enjoy the current-generation version with Phantasy Star Universe for the 360 – right off their hard drive, at that. Sega’s action-MMO is the latest title to hit the Xbox Live Games on Demand service. For $19.99, gamers can download the full version off Live Marketplace, which has just been updated with the hefty GUARDIANS Advance Content pack. Even better, the Ambition of the Illuminus add-on is now free for all owners.

Note that this is an MMO and, while no Gold Membership is required to play, a subscription to the game itself is required to play online. The offline mode is free.

Set in the Gural System, Phantasy Star Universe contains both an epic single-player story as well as tons of fast-paced co-op action. Battle huge monsters with groups of up to 5 friends, customize your character, and even decorate your own room, where you can keep all your best weapons and armor.

Official Site: Xbox Marketplace’s PSU Product Page

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