Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Bundle, Comic-Con details announced

Microsoft has announced that, in celebration of the release of Halo: Reach, they will be releasing a new Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Halo: Reach” Bundle. Launching on September 14 with Halo: Reach, and available now for pre-order, the bundle will include a standard edition copy of the game, hardware inspired by Halo universe (including two wireless controllers and a wired headset), a token for the Limited Edition Elite armor set, and an episode of Halo Legends for $399.

An unboxing video can be seen at the official site, linked below.

For those gamers who just picked up a slim model and are looking to grab the peripherals, the Reach-themed wireless controls and headset will be available in late August. The controllers will run $59.99 and include a Live token for an animated Covenant Banshee Avatar item while the token-free wireless headset will be available for $49.99.

Bungie also unveiled some new Reach modes at Comic-Con, including Forge 2.0 and Versus Firefight. Forge 2.0 will allow for up to seven players, or three via split screen, to design maps for other gamers to try. A new ViDoc is also available at the official site taking viewers on a tour of Forge World, where the maps are created. Comic-Con attendees will also get a chance to try Versus Firefight, and everyone who plays a match will receive a token to unlock an exclusive Noble 6 helmet for their Live Avatars.

Official Site:

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