Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to get more than a little bit of Rush

Activision has announced that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will feature Rush’s seven-part suite from the album 2112 in the game’s new story-based Quest Mode. Launching this September for the 360, PS3 and Wii, Warriors of Rock will send players on a journey to save rock as one of eight characters who must help the Demi-God of Rock put down The Beast.

During the journey, players will enter a three-part 2112 Rush-inspired venue and play through a 20-minute, seven-part set. Each song transition will also feature band members narrating liner notes from the 2112 album. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will include:

“2112 Pt. 1 – Overture”

“2112 Pt. 2 – The Temples Of Syrinx”

“2112 Pt. 3 – Discovery”

“2112 Pt. 4 – Presentation”

“2112 Pt. 5 – Oracle: The Dream”

“2112 Pt. 6 – Soliloquy”

“2112 Pt. 7 – Grand Finale”

Not Rush

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