Ministry of War enters beta phase

Snail Games has announced that their upcoming free-to-play MMO real-time strategy title Ministry of War will enter closed beta phase on July 20.

Ministry of War is a browser-based game that features four civilizations (Rome, China, Egypt, and Persia), a large world map, guilds, trading, leveling and, of course, player-verses-player combat. Its most interesting aspect has to be that it actually ends. Sort of. Whenever a civilization triumphs over the others, the champion will be declared and the realm will reset for the next epic clash. Those who manage to be declared a champion will have their victory form a chapter in the game’s history.

If you’re looking to turn your browser into a battlefield, then head to and request a beta key. Beta keys will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to a limited number of players, with the rest placed on a waiting list.

Official Site:

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