Mafia II -The Betrayal of Jimmy, free PS3-exclusive DLC pack, announced

PS3 gamers received a bit of good news today as 2K has announced that the first of two downloadable content packs for Mafia II, The Betrayal of Jimmy, will be a PS3 exclusive and free day-one download when the game hits store shelves on August 24.  Each new copy will contain a voucher for a free download while gamers who miss out can still grab the pack off PlayStation Network for $9.99.

The Betrayal of Jimmy has players taking on the role of a mercenary named … Jimmy. The pack will feature dozens of new arcade-style missions that include a “slew of assassination and timed vehicle missions ending in dramatic shootouts and explosive car chases.” Players can also climb the ranks of online leaderboards based on their performance with points earned for power slides and skill shots.

The second DLC pack, Jimmy’s Vendetta, will be available soon after launch for the 360, PC, and PS3. The pack will also feature arcade-style missions and an online leaderboard. More info about Jimmy’s Vendetta will be revealed closer to Mafia II’s ship date.

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