DeathSpank launches on PS Network, tomorrow on Live Arcade

EA has announced that Hothead Games’ DeathSpank is now available for download. The T-rated action role-playing game is currently on PS Network for $14.99 and will be going up tomorrow on Live Arcade for 1,200 MS points. Developed by LucasArts alumnus Ron Gilbert, DeathSpank is a humor-filled hack-and-slash adventure in the vein of all great light RPGs that enjoy throwing out waves of monsters begging to be crushed.

Players who download the game will be placed in the boots of the mighty DeathSpank, “Dispenser of Justice”, “Vanquisher of Evil” and “Hero to the Downtrodden”, embarking on his life long journey is to search for and find a mysterious artifact known only as, “The Artifact”.  Along his journey, DeathSpank will rescue orphans, defeat a local tyrant, help an aging adventurer, and dive headfirst into an even deeper mystery.  The game’s accessibility makes for a fun, addictive experience where players will find themselves solving crazy puzzles, collecting massive amounts of loot and hearing witty dialogue. For those with friends, DeathSpank also features local co-operative gameplay, allowing friends to jump in and out of fighting through this adventure on the same console as both DeathSpank and his trusty, magical sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard.

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