Blazing Souls Accelate announced for PSP

Aksys Games has announced that they will be bringing Blazing Souls Accelate, Neverland’s newest strategy role-playing game for the PSP, to North America.

During a time of peace after the Seven Year War, contract archeologist Zero begins to find powerful, magic-infused Core Elemental stones. “Oh, magical stones, okay…” I suspect you’re thinking. “No big deal.” Well, maybe this next bit will pique your interest: “On his travels, he begins to encounter the Human Genomes—new creatures created by God to replace mankind.” Yep. God’s ready to move on and you’re in the way.

The battle system will feature chains, breaks, and combos along with modifiers for battlefield positioning. In addition to fighting, players can capture monsters to use in their party as well as create over 200 different items and skills. For more information, check out Aksys’ site linked below.

Official Site:

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