NIS releases Toradora! Volume 1 Premium Edition and PERSONA -trinity soul- Volume 1 Premium Edition released on DVD

NIS America has jumped into the anime business today with the release of Toradora! Volume 1 Premium Edition and PERSONA -trinity soul- Volume 1 Premium Edition. Both are currently available at Right Stuf, Anime Castle, The Anime Corner Store, AnimeNation, and NIS America’s online store, RosenQueen. NIS has made each copy of the US release a premium edition with a hardcover art book in addition to the 2-DVD 13-episode sets.

Toradora! centers around Ryuji (“Son of Dragon”), a slightly scary looking kid, and his run-in with the ill-tempered Taiga during his junior year of high school. Taiga, known as the Palmtop Tiger, has a short temper and is prone to outbursts of anger, while Ryuji is just known for being… unsightly. And I’m just going to quote the press release for the last bit: “The dragon and tiger join forces to bring you a mega love comedy!” Target market: Reached.

PERSONA -trinity soul-, something a bit more familiar to gamers out there, is set in the futuristic city of Ayanagi City and focuses on the reunion of Shin and Jun Kanzatoand with their older brother Ryo. Having survived the Mass Apathy Syndrome a decade earlier, the brothers are reunited for the first time in 10 years as the city suffers a series of mysterious incidents: submariners vanish, the Apathy Syndrome resurfaces, and students are found murdered. During his investigation as Chief Officer of the Ayanagi police force, Ryo inadvertently awakens Shin’s Persona. Cue trippy sequence.

Official Site: Toradora!
Official Site: PERSONA –trinity soul-

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