Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (360) exclusive, limited-time playable demo released

IO Interactive has announced a limited-time playable demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days for the 360.

The demo features a chance to try the single-player Story Mode, heist skills in Arcade Mode, and several Multiplayer modes: eight-player Fragile Alliance, eight-player Undercover Cop, and twelve-player Cops & Robber. The included maps are Restaurant for Story Mode, and Financial District for both Arcade Mode and the multiplayer modes.

For a chance to get a code to unlock the demo, gamers are going to have to check out www.KaneandLynch.com or the Live Dashboard.

A public demo for all platforms – 360, PC, and PS3 – will be released prior to the game’s release.

Official Site: KaneandLynch.com

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