Destiny – Age of Triumph launch trailer, screens go live

For three weeks, Bungie has been livestreaming details about Destiny’s final update, Age of Triumph. Today, a new launch trailer offers a better look at it in action, along with a handful of screenshots. The update adds what’s touted as the largest Record Book to date, filled with new challenges, along with additional gear, new weapons, returning Raids raised to 390 Light, and the Daybreak Nightfall modifier.


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Morgan Yu’s possibilities discussed in new trailer for Prey

Prey’s previous video covered the various alien types running amok on Talos I, and today, it’s your turn. Well, Morgan Yu’s turn, the game’s protagonist, along with the choices he will have to make and people he will meet on the station. Or she, as ‘Only Yu Can Save the World’ notes, players can decide Morgan’s gender. The video also covers the various powers and weapons at the player’s disposal, which will alter their progress, as they awaken as something of a blank slate.


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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap adds a new character, Wonder Girl

LizardCube is ensuring that Wonder Boy doesn’t go it alone in the upcoming Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. The developer is adding a new character to lend a hand, Wonder Girl. The end game is also being adjusted so that players can complete the game as the human characters, though the animal forms will remain and play the same role as in the original. Her reveal trailer is below.


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Atlus unboxes Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition

Atlus has released an unboxing video of the fancy “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition of Persona 5. The set includes a soundtrack, 4” Morgana plush, 64-page art book, Shujin Academy school bag, and a SteelBook case with themed outer box. Of course, seeing the goodies is better than reading about them. Not that I’m trying to underscore this killer post. Ahem. Video is below.


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Quake Champions upcoming Burial Chamber Arena revealed

Bethesda is offering a quick look at one of the upcoming Arenas for Quake Champions. Burial Chamber is a gothic-styled area with platforms, lava pools, tight corridors, and a handful of open spaces. Its numerous environmental hazards ensure that players have to keep an eye out on their footing, mindful of the flowing lava, in addition to enemy fire. Check out the reveal trailer below. Players who want to sign up for the upcoming closed beta can now submit their name at


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Kuon highlighted in Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception trailer

After last week’s character trailer detailing Mask of Deception’s protagonist Haku, a new video has gone live highlighting his friend, Kuon. She not only rescues the amnesiac but also becomes his guardian, even naming him. Described as a “polar opposite of Haku,” she’s also an apothecary, healer, and a bit of a brawler.


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Modern Warfare Remastered – Variety Map Pack launches for PS4

The PS4 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has received the Variety Map Pack. The drop include four maps plus 10 supply drops. Each map is a remastered version of a previous one from Call of Duty or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The full list, detailed below, includes Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek, and Killhouse.


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Dead Rising 4 to get story DLC on April 4, golf-themed DLC soon

Dead Rising 4 will be received a new single-player add-on next month. Frank Rising, scheduled to launch on April 4, finds Frank amidst a new outbreak in Willamette, only this time he’s one of the infected. All’s not lost, as he can make a full recovery if he can make it to a cure in time. Along the way, as his body begins to change, he will grow stronger and gain new abilities. Of course, the downside is that he can no longer eat food and must munch on survivors. Also announced is Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. Releasing this spring, players will unlock special golf clubs, balls, and costumes, while Frank comments on his swings. Power-ups will also tweak the rules as players go solo or try for the highest score with four friends online or in local turn-based co-op. Both drops are part of the season pass.


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Destiny – Age of Triumph final livestream event this Wednesday

Bungie’s final livestream event for the last round of content for Destiny has been scheduled for this Wednesday, March 22. Beginning at noon, the studio’s Twitch channel will host 3D character artist Ian McIntosh and senior gameplay designer Josh Hamrick for the Sandbox Update livestream. Players don’t have long to wait now, as Age of Triumph is scheduled to go live on March 28.


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Survival Mode released for Banner Saga 2, included in Complete Pack

The console version of Banner Saga 2 received a new addition today: Survival Mode. Stoic has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging players with surviving 40 battles in a row. The add-on runs $4.99, while newcomers to the series can get it as part of the $37.99 Complete Pack, which also includes the first two games.


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