Might & Magic III – HD Edition released online for Android, iOS, PC

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD Edition (Android, iOS, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Heroes of Might & Magic series returns today in Ubisoft’s Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition for Android and iOS tables as well as Windows PC. The DotEmu-developed entry features updated graphics, seven campaign scenarios, 48 skirmish maps, and support for local multiplayer. The PC version also allows access to a map editor and a Steam lobby.


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Sega bringing 2D fighter Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax stateside

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3, PS Vita) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sega has announced that they are partnering with developers Ecole and French Bread (the studio behind Aksys’ upcoming fighter Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late) for a Western release of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. The 2D crossover fighter will feature characters from several Dengeki Bunko titles, some of Sega’s own characters, and Sega-themed environments. The title will be released for the PS3 and PS Vita later this year.


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Offworld Trading Company hitting Steam Early Access on February 12

Offworld Trading Company (PC) Steam Early Access Announcement - Header

Soren Johnson’s Mohawk Games has revealed that the studio’s debut title, Offworld Trading Company, will be available on Steam Early Access on February 12. The economic sim focuses on players trying to maximize their profits by exploiting the resources of Mars. Colonists need resources, food, and water to survive, and skillful players will be able to parlay their business acumen—along with the help of hackers and pirates— into riches that will see them expanding into offworld markets. The Early Access version includes a single-player campaign, a skirmish mode, and head-to-head as well as free-for-all online modes. A few screens and a gameplay trailer were released as well, and can be found below.


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Dying Light now available in stores and online for console, PC

Techland’s latest open-world action title Dying Light has launched for console and PC. The parkour-infused survival title pits players, as undercover operative Kyle Crane, against hordes of zombies as they make their way through an overrun city on a rescue mission. The game features a day-and-night-focused design, allowing players to scrounge for supplies during the day while challenging them to survive the night against faster, more powerful enemies. And as recently announced, the previous pre-order bonus Be the Zombie multiplayer mode is now free for all.


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BioWare releases 10 free tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Free Tavern Song Announcement - Header

Fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s ballads can take them on the go today with the release of several of the game’s tavern songs. All 10 of the tracks, performed by Elizaveta and composed by Raney Shockne, are being made available for free. Additionally, BioWare has released the sheet music from each track, which musicians can also use to enter a recently launched Fan Celebration Contest. The songs can be downloaded from the official site and will be free until February 9.


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Dying Light release dates revealed, Be the Zombie mode free for all

Techland has announced that Dying Light will have a worldwide digital release for PC on January 27. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will also launch on the same day in North and South America, while digital copies in other territories will be released on January 28 and physical copies on February 27. The studio also announced that the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode will no longer be a pre-order bonus but free for all. A new gameplay video was released of the team demonstrating the mode. The team also released a letter explaining the recent news, which has been posted below.


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NIS releases nine new Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy screens

Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy (PS Vita) January Screens Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS America has released the first set of translated screenshots from Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy. The PS Vita RPG dungeon crawler is from the team behind Demon’s Gaze, and challenges players with saving a near-future Tokyo that finds itself besieged by genetically engineered monsters known as Variants. The shots show some of the enemies that will be faced, combat, and bits of dialog.


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Etrian Mystery Dungeon LE, Protector detailed, contest announced

Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) LE Announcement - Screenshot 1 (Set)

Atlus has revealed the goodies that will be bundled with the first-run copies of Etrian Mystery Dungeon. As with previous launch copies, this one will come with a six-track soundtrack sampler, a 28-page art and info book, and a cardboard outer box to hold the extras alongside a copy of the game. A new trailer and screenshots were also released of the Protector, a tank class that can soak up damage behind its tower shield after provoking enemies. Atlus is also running a contest that will award random contestants who share the new video on Facebook or Twitter with the Etrian Mystery Box, a package filled with random items from around the company’s store rooms (and desks).



Daedalic to bring new adventure title Silence to PS4

Silence The Whispered World 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) PS4 Announcement - Screenshot 1

Daedalic Entertainment will be bringing their upcoming adventure title Silence to PS4. The game follows Noah, a boy who becomes stranded in the war-torn lands of Silence after tracking down his sister. After finding her in the company of a resistance movement, he joins the rebels in an effort to stop the seekers from taking over the land, and to eventually make his way back home. Silence was announced for PC and Xbox One last October.


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Dying Light co-op spotlighted in new gameplay trailer

Techland has released a new video showcasing the co-op mode from their upcoming open-world action title Dying Light. A team of survivors controlled by two lead developers, a brand manager, and an assistant producer from the studio assist one another to battle back the undead hordes. The drop-in/drop-out-supported four-player multiplayer is integrated into the campaign, allowing players to take on quests, explore, and tackle co-co-specific challenges together.


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